Bubble, Stripe, YouTube API

Editit is a marketplace for YouTubers to find the best video editors and thumbnail creators.
Video-editors create their profile, and YouTubers can search for a specific profile and hire them through the platform. All the communication between editors and YouTubers happens inside the platform, and the payments are handled via Stripe connect.


Bubble, WordPress, Stripe, Sendgrid

Fidlio is a Saas, built with Bubble, to help other SaaS and software companies to collect feature requests from their users, and plan their roadmap. With Fidlio users can make suggestions, and vote and comment suggestions made by others. Fidlio helps companies plan and prioritize their roadmap.

We built Fidlio in just one month, including both the WordPress landing page and the Bubble web app.

Karma Club

Bubble, PrivySign

Karma Club is a private angel network making it easy for members to back good entrepreneurs they believe in.  

Fully built with Bubble, business angels can browse between different projects and can invest in those they like. When a project reaches the minimum amount, all backers get an email to proceed with the final commitment and signing of the contract, which is done with PrivySign via API.

La Sala de Yoga

Bubble, WordPress, Stripe
Web page and web app for a yoga studio.
With this web app (also progressive web app), their clients can book a session, and it also works as a CRM for the studio. They manage payments, session booking, workshops, and they can also upload video tutorials for their clients.
The web page was built with WordPress and the web app with Bubble. Everything built in less than 3 months.
The public site can be visited, the app is only for their clients and staff.



Gifty is a PWA (Progressive web app) that allows users to create gift lists and share them with their friends.
Users can create different lists, where they can add the gifts they want. It can be both gifts suggested by the app or their own gifts.
This way, if you share Gifty with your friends, they'll know what to gift you in your next Birthday.


Bubble, Carrd

This is a side-project built for a no-code contest in Spain, which we won.

Celebiddy is a web and mobile app to help influencers monetize their audience with auctions. Different type of auctions can be made, and the main advantage for influencers is that they can share their auction's dashboard in their live streams, and whenever a new bid is made an animation with sound is played, and the name of the bidder is displayed. This creates an engaging content for influencers, and encourages people to make a bid.


Bubble, Integromat
Internal tool for a startup, to manage contracts with their clients.
Only for internal use, can't be visited. 
With this intranet, built with Bubble, Dinantia can create and sign contracts with their clients. They needed a tool to streamline the process of sending a contract to a client and getting it back signed. Once signed, both Dinantia and the client get the contract in PDF, and a copy also goes to Dropbox for storage. This is done through Integromat.
This intranet also allows Dinantia to manage their team's holiday requests and a few more workflows for their daily operations.



SaaS to help companies track the time worked daily by each employee.

In Spain, it's mandatory that every company holds a register with the hours worked every day by each employee, stating at what time they started working and at what time they finished.
Presencialy wanted to create a software as a service to help companies track this information.

The project was built with Bubble in 3 weeks.

We'll create your web app or SaaS with Bubble in just a few months

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